Friday, May 12, 2006

The Friday Ramble

Sweet merciful Jebus, thank you for letting me telecommute on Fridays again, as telecommuting is a wonderful, good thing that fills me with the happy.

I believe the Earth has tilted on its axis. I had to contact Intertops about a locked account and not only did I perfectly understand the customer service representative, but they applied common sense and rectified the problem with a minimum of hassle, solving the problem in a matter of 15 seconds. I'm still reeling from this unexpected development, as I expected to wade through the outer rings of outsourced support Hell for hours.

PokerStars is running a double FPP promotion from May 12-May 21, so if you're looking to rack up FPPs or have any uncleared bonus money, that'd be a dang good time to do it.

Party has also added another round of account-specific reload bonuses to accounts, so hit up your account and see if they Reload Bonus fairy left you anything nice.

Slowly been adding more sites to the big honking B2B poker bonus list, as it's crazy how many of those keep springing up. Makes me curious exactly how much it costs to open a skin on the network, as I can't imagine it's all that expensive, given how rapidly the skins are popping up the last few months.

The degenerate challenge got a wee bit stalled just short of the 6K mark, but I'll probably wade back into it shortly. I'm making a big sweep through every single frickin' casino site I know of, checking bonus terms and what-not, and I've already dug up a few decent ones I didn't know about. I'll also probably get back on the poker horse shortly, so hopefully I can make some more degenerate headway.

Heading up to Dallas for the weekend, to spend Mother's Day with the in-laws. Can't say I'm exactly thrilled but it'll be good to get out of the house and we're going to hit up the Dallas Zoo on Saturday. I've snuck out of making the trip the last few times ScurvyWife has gone, claiming mucho busyness (true), but it's time to bite the bullet and put in an appearance this time. Get along fine with the in-laws, it's just more a matter of not relishing the idea of sacrificing my whole weekend to driving back and forth and getting next to nothing done around the house or on assorted endeavors.

Note to investing self: you're overweight in energy stocks. Do something about this.


Rene said...

hey scurvy, your blog has been a daily read for me, and I live in dallas. shoot me an e-mail if you want to meet up while your in town. big D is a beautiful place man!

(I'll understand if family business overrules. :) )

2+2 guruman

kurokitty said...

Any chance you'd post an updated list of some of these online casinos and current bonuses that are worth doing?

(This is not a rat pic request comment).

Fuel55 said...

Time to move from oil to silver dude. Well the time was actually 3 months ago, but there is room left.