Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sabina Ain't No Shana

Still rolling along nicely in the 10/20 short games. I've said it approximately 172,182 times, but my biggest poker leak remains the inability to cut short losing sessions and just walk away from the magic computating box. If I look back through PokerTracker results for the last year or so I keep seeing, over and over and over, the same pattern of many solid, positive sessions strung together, only to be wiped out by one long, disastrous session where nothing goes right and I get stubborn and keep ramming my donkey head against the barn door.

Apparently Courtney Friel's WPT run is over after one year, as she's reportedly being replaced by Sabina Gadecki<, who's biggest claim to fame seems to be that she was once Miss Western Massachusetts. Why they got rid of Shana to begin with, I do not know.

ScurvyWife is running off to Galveston next weekend, so I'll hopefully have plenty of degenerate time to myself. I'm tempted to give some WSOP Main Event satellites a shot, as I'd planned to invest some cash in those but just haven't gotten around to it. I'd been thinking about buying into an additional smaller event when we're out in Vegas in late June, but I might just sink the ~$1,500 into trying to get a seat into the big show instead.


StB said...

Tempted by the CRYP options again? Irregardless of the market as a whole, I think the stock is at a good trading point again.

ScottMcM said...

come do the dog brown $100! You got no wife to stop you!!!

JasonSpaceman said...

I don't think they got rid of Shana. My impression was that she left to pursue an acting career.

Of course, what the hell do I know?