Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stupid Crypto

Bad enough that I donked off some cash to the Cryptos on the degenerate side, but my CRYP options are looking pretty bleak, as the stock keeps tanking. I still think earnings will be good and it'll pop nicely but we're getting a little too far underwater for the May $25 calls to be anything but worthless. Win some, lose some, I suppose...

I'd had a few emails from bloggers also into stocks and investing and what-not, and thought I'd put up a forum at Kickered for assorted stock and money talk. No real plan for discussion, pretty much whatever goes if you're interested. You'll need to register for the fourms if you haven't, in order to be able to se discussion threads, but it's pretty easy and painless. I'll post some of current portfolio and other assorted stocks I watch later on, when I scrape together a little free time.

I think I need to recoup my money by getting John Daly hooked up with some online casino accounts. Apparently he's blown through $50-60 million playing $5,000 slots in Vegas. He claims to be getting it under control, though, and has a new plan of action:

He said he plans to start at the $25 slots in the casinos and set a "walkout loss number," which would tell him it's time to leave.

"If I make a little bit, then maybe I move up to the $100 slots or the $500 slots, or maybe I take it to the blackjack table," he wrote. "It's their money. Why not give it a shot, try to double it? And if I make a lot, I can ...

"Well, that's my plan."

Best of luck to you, Big John.

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C.L. Russo said...

I had no idea that there were 5k slots. The thought boggles my mind.

I guess, if you're stupid enough to play slots with that much money, you probably should be relieved of it quickly, for the betterment of society.