Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How Can Three Days Disappear So Quickly?

Nothing like a nice, long holiday weekend, filled with much good food and good times, to make me happy and eager to get back to the day job, sitting here, aimlessly typing away. Or, you know, as the kids would say, not...

Got in a goodly bit of poker, including a couple of decent MTT scores, cashing for a little over $1,000 combined. Also final tabled two more Bracelet Races but couldn't finish the deal, going out 7th in one and 9th in the other. I tend to badmouth my mad MTT skillz in general but I feel like I'm playing pretty well of late, especially given the limited number of chances I get to play them these days, due to that whole staying perpetually insanely busy thing.

Cash games are still rocking along nicely. I got sucked into propping for a new site, largely due to the fact that they're paying up to 140% rakeback, and it's rolling along decently so far. They haven't had anything bigger than 5/10 running so far and the software isn't my favorite, but it's hard to beat 140% rakeback. It's currently almost all props playing, which isn't really optimal as many rock up, just trying to make money via the prop payments, but it's usually not too hard to bash your way to a profitable session.

Catching up on old episodes of High Stakes Poker and finally saw the episode where Phil Hellmuth drops in, to the delight of everyone. While it was pretty funny to see Phil's face fall a nano second after gleefully insta-shoving his remaining chips in with top two pair, only to see Barry flip over a set of queens, he did run into some pretty evil circumstances, and managed to pick the worst spots to try to bluff with junk. And general jackass or not, Antonio Esfandiari made some really nice reads and laydowns, especially getting away from AA on the river when Barry flopped two pair with KQ.

The boom/bust nature of the freelance world is an odd one. I managed to go from no work in the near future to gobs of work spilling out of my mnkey ears, all in the span of about fifteen minutes.


Mark said...

What site do you prop for? Where do you find these deals? 140 percent RB sounds awesome.

Klopzi said...

Totally unrelated to anything you said today, but just wanted to give you props on the great blog and also a thanks for opening my eyes to the whole "casino-whoring" thing.

Victor_Enriq said...

Keep sucking out those MTT... just joking