Saturday, May 27, 2006

Like Some Sort of Headless, Party Planning Chicken

We're having people over for some barbeque grillin' and what-not tonight, which of course means that I've spent the last day running around like a headless chicken, trying to get all sorts of last-minute things done. Everything's pretty much good to go, though, except for the charring of assorted animal parts.

Knock on fake, laminate wood that is my desk, but I've been killing things on the poker side the last few weeks. I wish I could say that it was due to this adjustment, or that epiphany, but I really can't. This has been pointed out in much more eloquent fashion by much more knowledgable poker players, but in many cases you can actually distill the broader phenomena of "running great" or "running like absolute dogshit" into a pretty small number of huge pots that either break your way or don't.

Yes, indeed, all of those small pots you pick up and value bets on the river do make up a huge part of your overall BB/100, but going 0-20 in huge pots over a couple of weeks (when you normally should win 12 or 13) can absolutely torpedo you, just as going 18-2 in those same pots can help you put up huge numbers.

Not much else to report. Congrats to all you folks winning WSOP seats (cmitch and he who hunts donkeys) and taking down big MTT scores (Hoyazo).

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