Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ubergeigh TV

Nothing very exciting to relate from the poker front. I'm alternating grinding out smaller B2B poker bonuses with some 15/30 full ring play at Party. Sometimes I wonder why I ever stopped playing full ring games, as that's definitely where I've had the best results. I've managed to claw my way back into the PokerTracker green at the shorthanded tables, but historical results are much, much better at full ring. I think it's pretty clear that the shorthanded tables are juicier, but they're also getting more and more aggressive and swingier, across the board.

So last night was pretty much dominated by watching much ubergeigh television, hitting up both Idol and Lost. Not really sure why Miss McPhee waited until last night to bust out the breasteseses, as they likely would have been worth a few million more votes if displayed the night before, but I was definitely very appreciative of the belated effort. I laughed my ass off when poor wee Elliott got absolutely run over by Mary J. Blige, reduced to waving his arms around and jumping up and down every now and then.

Lost was interesting and no real complaints, except the ending was a little unsatisfying, as far as expanding the sphere of weirdness even farther, without resolving any of the core weirdness. And yeah, I know, that's how they roll, but I just wasn't that interested in Desmond's fairly contrived backstory to begin with, so expanding in that direction left me sort of "meh".

In other blatantly pop culturey, non-poker related news, apparently Cate Blanchett has been tapped to play Bob Dylan in an upcoming biopic. What fucking planet are we living on? Did pod beings whisk me away in my sleep and transport me to some universe in which those words make sense? Sweet Jebus...


Victor_Enriq said...

Cate is an angel, Bob Dylan is a genious, certainly not an angel. This doesnt make any sense!

El_Stuntman said...

are you sure you haven't been drinking the jungle juices? If true, this is madness!!