Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bite Me, You Govmint Fools

So HR 4411 passed pretty easily in the House yesterday, which was expected by just about everyone involved. On the bright side, apparently assorted lobbyists opposing it had been saving their ammo for the fight on the Senate side (assuming there's even a fight this year, which isn't a given), conceeding that it'd pass easily in the House. On the less than bright side, shit, this thing is actually gaining momentum, instead of just petering out and dying a quick death like previous attempts to ban internet gambling had. Pretty ironic, too, that fucktard supreme Jack Abramoff was actually fairly influential in killing off previous attempts to ban Internet gambling, and that we may have lost a crucial ally when he got kicked to the Congressional curb. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

Poker has been interesting of late. I've pretty much fallen into playing solely $2/4 NL, mostly 6 max at Full Tilt and Titan Poker. I can't really say it was a conscious decision, but I'd been getting more and more burned out on the LHE grind, and kept reading more and more stories about limit players switching over to NL and making more money. It was also interesting being out in Vegas and seeing how much the limit games had dried up in the last 6-9 months, and, as a direct result, just how bad some of the players were sitting in the 1/2 and 2/5 NL games.

Running fairly well always help, but so far so good on the NL front. I've probably overcompensated a bit on the aggression front, but then again I'm not sure you can be too aggressive at 6 max NL. It also helps playing at Titan, which I swear is still the best fishtank I've ever found, as far as regularly encountering the most absolutely horrible, incomprehensible play you'll ever see.

I'm going to make one last run towards a WSOP ME seat this weekend, playing both big satellites at Stars and Full Tilt, and maybe a few smallers satellites at other sites. Bubbling in third in in the Stars FPP satellite is still gnawing at me, and I didn't come anywhere near spending the money I'd originally earmarked towards qualifying for some WSOP events this year.

Not much else shaking, other than melting down much aluminum scrap last night, and the first successful casting of something actually cool looking. Pictures coming soon, I swear. 'Tis a very grunt monkey thing, but I'm still finding it cool as hell to be able to fire up the furnace and to have a pot full of molten, glowing metal in about 15 minutes or so. Now I just need to focus on more constructive things to do with it, other than to freak out the neighbors who have to be curious what all of the flames and roaring vent exhaust is all about.


ScottMcM said...

Titan is the easy place on the planet to make money. The 30-60 there also would be a place for you to kill at. Poker Friday at Aprils!??????!

kurokitty said...

I believe the correct style is "gub'mint" and yes, they are watching you.