Friday, July 21, 2006

People Who Can't Do Their Jobs RULE

So yeah. We aren't closing on the house today after all. Douchebag Loan Agent (DLA) pulled through with flying colors, and managed to screw things up at the last minute. Of course, like all his douchebaggery so far, it "totally wasn't his fault," as he claims that the lender suddenly, at the absolute very last minute, asked for another appraisal of a house in the neighborhood for comp purpose, unsatisfied with the three comps they already had.

While that's technically feasible, smart money is on the alternate scenario, which is that they asked for this weeks ago and DLA just never got around to dealing with it, forgetting when we were closing. The best part was that he claimed he'd been feverishly working on it all morning and hadn't had time to call us (or our realtor) to let us know that there was a problem, as the only reason we knew that was because our realtor called the title company to set up a time to close today, and they told our realtor that, umm, there was a bit of a problem.

Nice work, DLA, nice work. Not only do you not do your job (which isn't that difficult to begin with), but you hide in your office and don't answer your phone or cell when we call to make sure that everything is copacetic and scheduled to close on time. And then, when a problem arises, you communicate with absolutely no one, so that we only find out that we're not in fact closing on schedule when our realtor calls the title company, to schedule a time to close. Bravo.

In broader news that sucks, all of us degenerates received a few more nuggets of bad news yesterday, as apparently Bill Frist is now determined to take time out of preening himself for a future run at the Presidency to champion the cause of ensuring that the Senate does indeed vote to ban Internet gambling this session. Because, you know, that's the most pressing thing going on in the fucking world today, and it absolutely must be addressed immediately.

Eurobet also pulled the plug on US players, so if you have an account or funds there and live in the US, make sure your payment details are correct and up to date, as they're closing out all US-based accounts and refunding whatever funds are in there. This isn't quite the doom and gloom news that some are making it out to be, as far as a precursor to a tide of online sites pre-emptively banning US players, since Eurobet is, obviously, much more Euro-focused than many sites, and it's a pretty easy decision for them to make as it really doesn't impact the bottom line that seriously. It'll be time for doom and gloom when a major site that depends heavily on US players for revenue makes the same move, so until that happanes, the sky ain't falling. Yet.


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