Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dear Douchebags

Dear Douchebags of the World,

Why is it so incredibly hard for you to do your job? In the future, please do your job. Thank you.




DuggleBogey said...

Because we're lazy!

kurokitty said...

Dear Scurvys of the world,

What is that phenomenon that happens when you arrive to an office and can't spot the sucker? Oh, yeah....LOLOLOL

HighOnPoker said...

Dear [Scurvy],

While we would like to 'do our job', we are terribly busy filing our nails and discussing who is sleeping with who in hollywood. However, if you would like some further help, please speak to my manager, Can't Be Bothered Douschebag. Otherwise, please call our help line and respond to the machine's prompt, broken down into 8 steps, each with 9 options, the first 8 of which are useless, at which point, you will be put on hold, and then transfered to the wrong person, and transfered again, and then accidentally hung up on. Thank you for your comment.


Douchebags of the World

ScurvyDog said...

Douchebags, all of you!

Drizztdj said...

OMG Lance Bass is gay!

Like whoa!

averagedrinker said...

maybe they're so busy with webdate*dot*com that's why they haven't been doing their jobs right lately.LOL!