Sunday, July 02, 2006

This Isn't Vegas

We got back in late last night from Vegas, after spending what seemed like 3 weeks in airports, with our flight leaving way to early and an already long layover in Denver getting extended by thunderstorms and what-not. Why I thought saving a few bucks by eschewing direct flights was a good idea, I'll never know.

Nothing to exciting to report from our last evening in Vegas, as I managed to stay away from the tables and we went to see Mystere, which was reasonably cool, if a bit disturbing and/or disjointed. But I guess that be the point, eh? I nearly sat in at a NL table at TI, as there was an open seat and we had twenty minutes to kill before the show, but I managed to avoid giving into temptation. Although it would have been pretty funny since the table was right at the rail, and ScurvyWife left me there to run into a gift shop, so I'd have been sitting at the table, waving at her from four feet away when she came back, if I'd grabbed the seat.

Likely more babbling tomorrow at work when I'm bored out of my skull.

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kurokitty said...

Ah! Treasure Island now has a room, thanks for reminding me! Can't wait to go on Wednesday!