Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ramble Ramble

Had a nice, nice day at the NL tables yesterday, despite digging an early hole for myself by dropping three buy-ins in about 0.27 milliseconds. I think I may have a new poker girlfriend. Sorry, LHE, baby, but these things just happen sometimes. There's no accounting for fate. Or, you know, it's not about you, baby, it's about me.

I do think, though, that playing a ridiculous amount of LHE was definitely time well spent, as far as switching over to NL. Poker is still poker is still poker. All the strategry still applies. You just suddenly have the super human power to selectively manipulate the pot in the blink of an eye.

Even more so than at LHE, patience and position are your best NL friends. Far too many people get caught up in flashy NL play, floating with junk hands, making too many huge plays at too many pots with complete air, doing their best Sammy Farha imitation, ignoring the simple reality that a lot of successful NL play can be distilled down into:

Win more money when your opponent has TPTK than you lose when you have TPTK.

That’s pretty much it. If you can consistently do that, you’ll make many grandusands of genuine American dollars. It might not be flashy or exciting but it works.

Knock on wood, but all remaining hurdles appear to have been cleared on the house buying front, and we’re set to close on Friday. Thumbs up to that.

I’m thinking about biting the bullet and jumping through all of the hoops to get licensed to sell real estate. Definitely not something that I’d consider a dream job, but it’s something I’ve thought about doing at various points. Other than having to, you know, talk to people, it’d be a decent gig, and would definitely fit well schedule-wise with all my assorted freelance work, as I could do it part-time and in a more laid-back fashion.

The writing is becoming more and more apparent on the wall at the day job, and it’s likely only a matter of time before they start hacking away at positions here, as far as ensuring that quarterly operating income goals continue to be hit. Which is pretty funny and ironic, as that’s just about the last thing you’d want to do to ensure any sort of long-term growth, but it looks neat and shiny and fantabulous in the short term, as far as being able to continue to hit ridiculous quarterly targets.

The department I work in will likely be the first to go, as we’re just the lowly, non-revenue generating monkeys that create and maintain content, so I’d definitely like to have a firmer exit plan in place. I can likely bang out most of the classroom hours to get licensed to sell real estate in a month or so, so I’ll likely just grind my teeth and do it, even if I don’t immediately put the license to use.

The latest episode of High Stakes Poker was pretty priceless, as far as everyone paying Matusow to stay and play some more when he was ready to leave, and how excited and happy poor Mikey was to get $1,000 from each player to stay. Yeah, Mikey, they love you. They really, really love you…


UnderDog said...

"I’m thinking about biting the bullet and jumping through all of the hoops to get licensed to sell real estate."

This may be the worst time for that bud. Ask a few people who are in it now. Sounds like a -EV play to me. I know a few Loan guys, and some real estate peps and its a tuff time. You seem like a smart guy, just take some time and look into it. THe other idea you had may be better. Look into fliping, there will be alot of great deals comming up. Alot of people are in over there heads, and there will be many great deals out there soon.
Theres also a few good books on this to. If I can help let me know.


ScurvyDog said...


I think a good bit of it depends on where you live and what the local market looks like. But yeah, there have definitely been better times to embark upon a career that involves selling real estate.

I'm mainly considering it as a very part-time thing, for supplemental income and not necessarily as a job to pay the bills. And with an eye towards cutting out some of the middle men, if I do get serious about investing and/or flipping more properties in the future.

But I appreciate the words of caution and it's definitely not a plan I have my heart set on, writ in stone.