Sunday, October 15, 2006


Taking an online defensive driving course is not the most happy-fun way to spend a Sunday morning. I suppose it's better than paying the extortionary ticket I got for speeding back when we went to New Mexico a few months back for a mini-vacation, but just barely. I wouldn't mind it at all if you could click through at your own pace, but of course it's designed to make you sit there for the alloted time, even after you've answered all the quiz questions correctly.

Donked around at some SnGs yesterday on Stars, playing anywhere from $55+5 to $210+$15, with one $525+$30 for giggles and grins. Pretty much broke even when it was all said and done, which seems to be the poker motto for the year. I need to stop playing so recklessly, though, as far as playing at buy-in levels not supported by my largely reduced online roll. I'm not sure why but my mindset of late has been of the make somethign big happen or bust vand be done with it variety, and that's just silly. I'm thinking about just playing the Sunday Million on Stars for the foreseeable future, with the theory that it'll give me something to look forward to poker-wise each week, there's a decent amount of upside if I get lucky on go on a tear in one, and it's not the end of the world if I go a month or two and don't cash. But, like all my poker plans of late, who knows.

Sometimes the levels of my silly degenracy amuse me. I've been knocking off a few lingering casino bonuses and finally got around the one at Mansion. They offer a 100% up to $1,000 casino bonus match on your first deposit, and allow all games to count towards the $20,000 WR (although all the decent games only count 25% for WR purposes). At first glance it seems a real trudge, as the WR is effectively $80,000 for BJ and baccarat, so while it's still +EV, it involves playing a gawdawful number of hands and the software doesn't have an autoplay function. If you're enterprising, though, and download an autoclicker like the one offered here (which only costs $5 and is super-easy to set up and use), you can effectively clear the bonus on autoplay by betting on banker at Baccarat, and setting up the auto-clicker to click ever 0.5 seconds on the bet/deal button.

EV is $150 or so if you clear it at baccarat, which isn't a huge score but hey, money is money is money. The bonus is added after you clear the WR, though, so be prepared to deposit enough to give you a cushion to clear it, as you'll typically lose a good chunk of cash in the process of clearing the $80,000 in WR, and then gain it all back (plus some) when the $1,000 bonus is added upon completetion of the WR. If you deposited for the Mansion free bet promo earlier, you should have the $1,000 bonus showing in your account, so it's just a matter of clearing the WR to unclock it. Once you're in a casino game your bonus money and progress can be accessed by clicking on "Options" at the menu at the top, then on "Earned Bonus" from that screen. It also takes a damn long time to clear, even with the auto-clicker, so be prepared to tie up a computer for many hours if you want to clear this one.

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kurokitty said...

What's the WR to clear the defensive driving course? Just set the autoclicker to click an hour apart... LOL

For some drivers, even an online defensive driving course should be considered online gambling.