Monday, October 16, 2006

Consider Yeself Warned, Ye Scurvy Bonus Hunters

I've debated thumbing my nose at the UIGEA powers that be and daring them to track me down through the largely anonymous Blogger system, but I just don't have the energy for that, nor can I see a real upside in keeping a lot of the info I've compiled, as far as how to make cash from poker, casino, and sportsbook bonuses.

I originally planned to remove all of the hyperlinks in those posts and leave them intact but, again, thanks to the broad language of the legislation, even a post sans hyperlinks could be considered the unlawful promotion of Internet gambling sites. Yes, I'm overreacting. Yes, that'd be one hell of an infringement upon freedom of speech, if someone was prosecuted for simply mentioning Party Poker in a blog post, with no hyperlink. Yes, you'd have a hell of an argument in court. Yes, you'd very likely win that case.

But I'm just very tired right now. Tired of this country in its present state, tired of gnashing my teeth, tired of even considering the possibility of going to freaking jail for mentioning and/or linking to online gaming sites in my gay online journal. So I'm just going to quit, and be a good monkey and remove all of the content that my government has deemed to be immoral and illegal.

Lest this sound completely paranoid and alarmist, I'm in a bit of a more exposed condition than many bloggers. Having received reasonably substantial wire payments from assorted foreign online gaming sites in the past for affiliate payments, there's a good chance that I'm on assorted lists that have been compiled, via bank reporting guidelines and increased scrutiny of such wire payments post 9-11. Given that possibility, it seems best for me to make a clean and public break from any and all connections to online gaming sites. So I'm not trying to freak anyone out or insinuate that the feds are coming after all poker bloggers, because I don't think they are.

So if you've bookmarked assorted bonus pages and lists and what-not, you better copy and paste 'em while they're still around, as they'll be going bye-bye in the next few days. Sorry about that.


Dave P said...

How to get save a copy of Sound of a Suckout (before it goes) to your local hard drive (for windows)

Download a copy of wget for windows from here:

Unzip this file. Create a directory called c:\suckout and copy wget.exe to this directory.

click start, then Run. in the run dialog box, type "cmd" and press enter.

a DOS prompt will appear. Type C:\suckout to navigate to the suckout menu


wget -np -m and press enter.

all of Scurveydog's posts will be copied to c:\suckout

Thanks for all the info, and good luck in the future.

C.L. Russo said...

That sucks, but I don't blame you. About six months ago, I was going through my stats and I found out that someone at the Dept of Justice spent several hours viewing my blog.

Probably just someone bored at work, but, in this climate, you never know.

easyE said...

I haven't posted here before, but have been a religious reader of your blog (mostly thru Bloglines). I can't blame you for taking this step, but I sure am going to miss this blog. Best of luck. Sorry to see you go.

Mundo said...

I second easye's comments - your posts have been both useful (Mansion bet, anyone) and also entertaining as hell. Look at the bright side - you've probably got several years until books are outlawed!

doubleuwhy said...

Thanks Scurvy for your blog. You're the reason I now have a comfortable BR to move up to the higher limits in poker.

If I get around to setting up a list of all the sites that I've whored from, I definitely reference that it was originally compiled by you.

Best of luck and hope you'll still hit your 30K goal before 'big brother' starts enforcing in 9 months time.