Friday, October 13, 2006

Thank Jebus!

Join me in finally breathing a huge, huge sigh of relief, as OUR PORTS ARE NOW SAFE...

...and, if you're a convicted felon, you can still get a job working at major ports, thanks to the last-minute efforts of assorted concerned Congresspersons It really is a win-win situation!!!

Party is a ghost town, after pulling the plug on US players. Very odd sight, that, with empty tables as far as the eye can see. bwin/Ongame announced they were bailing out, too, as soon as they can cobble together the tricknology to bar US players from playing for real money. Sportingbet is selling its US-based operations for the whopping sum of $1. (Although I imagine they have ties of some sort to the Antiguan-based company that is legally purchasing said operations.) Interesting times, indeed.

I ain't no Internet tubes expert but methinks that Stars stands to make a boatload of money as a result of all this silliness. Good for them.

I got pretty deep in the Stars rebuy last night, going out about twenty spots from the money. Had a top 20 stack and flopped a set with 88 on a 6h 8d Qc flop, and the Miss Cleo (also the only person at the table who covered me) insta-shoves (with what turned out to be KdJd), and I, umm, called. Running diamonds and no board pairage send me packing in a pot that'd have given me a pretty huge chip lead on the field. Whee, poker.


Poker on TV said...

I can't even remember how I found this blog, but that's one of the most hilarious, best-written blog entries I've seen. I can hardly pick one sentence out of it to highlight, but "I ain't no Internet tubes expert" is a masterpiece.

Will Palango said...

heh, gj on the RB, wierd insta push though..

C.L. Russo said...

Many of party's tables are just listed as being empty. Open them and they have players.