Sunday, October 01, 2006

ScurvyPicks NFL Week 4

Nothing like some mindless degenerate gambling to take your mind off assorted legal woes that poker is facing.

San Diego -1 -103 at Pinnacle
vs. Baltimore

The line is moving against me here, which should be a pretty glaring warning sign, but I'm just not buying that Baltimore is that good, as they've been beating up on craptacular teams and had their hands full with the lowly Browns last week, actually trailing 3-14 going into the 4th quarter. I think it'll be close and low-scoring but I like the SuperChargers here.

Dallas vs. Tennessee O/37 at Pinnacle +101

Vince gets the start for the Titans, which could be a disaster for an Over bet if he plays like the stereotypical deer in the headlights. I don't think he will, though, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if TO plays and has a huge game, in typical TO fashion. Taking the Over here basically boils down to whether you believe Tennessee can score on the Cowboys, with Vince at the helm, and I think they can muster up some points, which should be enough to cover the Over.

Seattle +3.5 at Pinnacle -111
vs. Chicago

Again, picking against the line movement during the week, but that's partly explained by Shaun Alexander going down with a bum foot. I just feel like Chicago is getting too much respect here, although I'll freely admit that I should likely avoid this game, as we'll see just how good the Bears are facing a tough team, and they could indeed be pretty good.

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Shelly said...

da bears getting too much respect? my ass! da bears ate seattle for lunch, and alexander couldn't have saved 'em!