Thursday, October 12, 2006

Still fairly malaisical of late, so I've been refraining from posting. Kudos to Neteller and PokerStars for sticking it out and not abandoning the field just yet. I'm having a hard time getting too excited, as nothing has changed on the affiliate industry front, which is still positioned to take the hardest immediate hit when the legislation is signed. It'll be interesting, too, to see what sort of effect the decision of PokerStars to remain in the US market has on highly visible Team PokerStars members and other sponsored players that live in the US. If you strictly interpret and enforce the law, culpability for a site accepting funds from US players could trickle down to any and every employee, which could make for interesting times if the government ever actually moves to enforce it.

Haven't played too much poker this week, staying pretty busy with work and other endeavors. I'm not really sure what the poker future will hold, as recent events have taken a lot of the wind out of my poker sails. That's probably more driven by a long stretch of break-even poker play than anything else, but whatever the reason, it's hard of late to summon up much enthusiasm towards teh poker. Likely a short term thing, but we shall see.

Digging playoff baseball, especially seeing the Tigers do well. It helps that I plunked a $50 futures bet on them that I got at CanBet as a free bet for a deposit many months ago, which'll pay off a little over $800 if they win the World Series. Aside from that, I usually end up rooting for whatever enthusiastic, excited young team is left in the playoffs, and the Tigers pretty much fit that bill. For the love of Jebus, though, someone needs to hire Lou Pinella as a manager again, because I don't know how much longer I can stand to listen to him say deep, insightful things like: "He got a chance to play and the rest is history!" and "Yes, that WAS a breaking ball," and "You don't want the other team to put crooked numbers up on the board." Really, Sweet Lou? You think?


Anonymous said...

Sit tight, dude. You're right - no sense in overreacting right now... At the same time, who knows what the future will bring?


Mark said...

Go Tigers! They're so young and they throw so hard. They're a fun team to watch.