Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mmm, basketball...

Not that it was really in question, but the last few days have driven home just what an out of shape cube monkey I've become in recent years. Much yardwork and landscaping and painting and chainsawing of trees has pretty much reduced me to doing little more than lying on the couch, occasionally groaning, and watching the magic that is the NCAA basketball tourney. Which, all in all, is a pretty damn nice way to spend one's time.

Not a good year for my brackets. I'm doing respectably in our work bracket but really needed VCU to win last night, and am pretty much doomed at this point, unable to gain real ground on the leaders. Doesn't help that I have Texas winning it all and they seem determined to make a fairly early exit.

I'm off all of next week, which I'm pretty psyched about, even if I'm going to be putting in many long hours on both the flip house and the Austin house, prepping both for sale in the near future (hopefully). It still sort of baffles me when I stop to think about the fact that we currently own three houses, but it's a good bafflement, and hopefully I can keep the real estate train rolling after we unload these two.

Gave into temptation and reloaded some money into my ePassporte account, as the lure of the bracelet races on Full Tilt is too strong. Even if I completely whiff it'll be fun to get back into the poekr swing.

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