Monday, March 05, 2007

PokerDIY - Connecting Poker Players

The following is a paid review for

PokerDIY is a free service that allows poker players to find online and live poker games based on a variety of criteria and parameters. One interesting aspect of the site is that it's heavy on the social networking element, so this isn't yet another site with tons of freerolls listed, largely just an excuse for lots of banner ads.

Players can create and manage profiles in a fashion very similar to Myspace, as far as joining various groups, sending private messages, and finding other poker players interested in home games across the country.

also offers an Events section that allows users to schedule custom events, both live and online, and track them via a calendaring system. Events can be public or private and the system supports email invitations, RSVP tracking, and guestbook functionality.

The other major component of the site is the Leagues feature. While pieces of it are still in development, this is one of the more interesting aspects of the site, as it could offer the chance to not only form a personal poker league, but the ability to track results on the scoreboard for not only that season, but past seasons as well.

While some sections of the site are still in development, PokerDIY has over 5,000 users and offers some other nice features and tools, including some general poker articles and tools like Blind Timers and the Odds Checker.

All in all, it's definitely an interesting idea, and a site I'll keep my eye on. So many of these paid reviews are for sites that are, umm, rather shilly in nature and yet another forum site with little new or unique to add, but PokerDIY seems to be tackling things in a new, unique way.


Rodney said...

Hi ScurvyDog,

Thanks for the spot-on review! I could not have written a better one myself and have even cross-referenced you in the PokerDIY Blog ;)

I'm glad you noticed the social-networking side of things - I am working hard at making this useful to everyone but as with all social networks this depends on the users!

I am working hard at version 2.0 of the Leagues and they should be up by the end of the weekend.

A League is a series of Seasons (e.g. the current year, 2007) and a Season has Events (an Event can have 1 or more Games). Each Game has players, and score can be recorded against each one.

This will then show the current scoreboard for each League and current Season.

Another thing I am looking at is Widgets, so you can have your current scoreboard on YOUR blog!

Thanks for the review, and please do keep an eye on us - expect some good things...


Rodney said...

Hi again,

We have release a new version of the Poker League software - have a look at a home poker league example and scoreboard. You can now create your own poker leagues, seasons and record game results! There are some great little views on the UserProfile page for a player which shows which poker leagues (online and home) they are a member of - see this player.

There are some great new features coming in the next version - please create a poker league and let me know what you think!


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