Friday, March 02, 2007

Yay, Springtime

Pretty happy to bid cold weather (well, relatively speaking) adieu here in central Texas, despite the fact that all the greenery is making it painfully clear the amount of yardwork in front of me, as far as taking care of three yards shortly. We'll see how long my tightass nature holds out, as far as refusing to pay for lawn service when I can, you know, do it myself. I'd put the over/under at about 60 days, unless I cave and buy a riding lawn mower. Then all bets are off.

Many thanks to the brave bloggers who signed up to kick the tires over at and, as far as my community blogging experiments. Falstaff, BSN, TripJax, and Jeff, you guys rock, and many thanks again for giving it a whirl. I'm still looking for more beta testers, so if you'd like to post to either site, gimme a holler at

Still scheduled to close on the investment flip property next Friday, which I'm pretty psyched about. I'm trying to keep my expectations pretty low for this first one, and am more curious than anything, as far as the potential profit I can squeeze out of it. It honestly may not turn out to be worth the work and hassle involved, in the end, but it'll be interesting, if nothing else, and a slightly extended way of getting my gambling fix on.

Despite swearing off the poker for the short term, I have to admit that I'm getting tempted to jump through whatever ridiculous hoops I need to to get some money back on Full Tilt, as I had a lot of fun playing the Bracelet races last year, even managing to luckbox my way into winning one. We're planning a trip to Vegas in June but, as of now, I probably won't buy my way into an event or two as planned, what with all the house buying.

Not a whole heck of a lot else going on. Still cranking away at assorted affiliate stuff, rebuilding the income whacked by the UIGEA bit by bit. Still hard not to get grumpy about that, but, like anything, life could be much worse.

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