Thursday, March 08, 2007

UK Casinos

The following is a paid review for UK Casinos: The Gaming Directory

The Gaming Directory bills itself as "The Definitive UK Gambling Resource", with the following mission statement:

"The Gaming Directory is the definitive UK casinos and online gambling resource, our human edited gambling and online casino directory provides you with the best up to date gambling information on the Internet today."

While it takes a little digging, the site does contain a decent amount of information about brick and mortar casinos and poker rooms in England, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, providing the street address and phone number for each casino listed. The largest category, England, is also broken down into sub-categories for different regions and cities.

The Gaming Directory also contains bonus listings for a variety of online casinos and poker rooms, as well as link pages for other gambling related topics such as forums, lotteries, bingo, betting exchanges, chatrooms, sports betting, and gambling equipment. While most of these categories are simply lists of links to other websites, they're organized well for quick and painless browsing.

While there's not a ton of original content on The Gaming Directory, it is a directory after all, and does cover a wide range of gambling-related content, with useful links in each and every one.