Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You Peoples Are Good Peoples

Many thanks for all the recent comments and emails regarding ScurvyRat. As the title says, all you good people are good peoples and it's much appreciated.

Not sure what the over/under is on how many days until acquiring a new little rodent is. We're likely going to get two when we do, just so they have more company when we're busy. The initial plan was to wait a month or so, but the house feels pretty damn empty right now, and I wouldn't be surprised if we crack and, lo and behold, suddenly are infested with rats again.

Last night was sort of funny as we went out, just to be out of the house, and my wife wanted to go shopping at Bealls, so we hit up a nearby town that we haven't explored much, and, right next to the Bealls was a pet store. We jokingly discussed how we shouldn't even go in, and I threatened to buy a dozen or so rats, just to be safe, but thankfully all they had were stupid rabbits and hamsters so no temptation even existed.

In happier news, hot damn, the NCAA basketball tournament is about to get cranking and I have all of next week off. Granted, I've suddenly got two houses that need lots of work (I closed on the investment property last Friday and we're putting the Austin rental house on the market very soon), so I'll be pretty busy with that, but it'll be nice to be busy. Depending on how quickly the Austin house moves, I also might have some fun money to spend on some early WSOP events, as we're planning a trip in June.

The day job has also *gasp* taking more than a few turns for the better of late, and I may actually be spending a good chunk of my time there doing some search engine optimization work, instead of my normal, boring data entry. It's still up in the air and involves some coordination between departments and fleshing out of job descriptions, but if it actually happens it'd make the daily grind a bit more interesting, as far as doing something I enjoy and working on a big honking, heavily-trafficked site, something which I've never done.

Now if my check from Bodog would get here for my last cashout, sometime before 2012, everything would be peachy.

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