Monday, June 26, 2006

Avast Ye Scurvy Knaves, I Want my Weekend Back!

I suppose I could just save time and copy and paste the obligatory Monday morning post, where I bemoan the fact that the weekend seemed to disappear in about 0.4 nanoseconds, leaving it suddenly Monday morning again. So, umm, yeah. All that.

I actually played live poker on Friday night *shock* *horror* *awe*, making the trek down to Central America to the Austin blogger game that April recently organized. Not sure that attending an after-work happy hour was the best way to prepare for either the trek or the subsequent poker play, but it worked out all right in the end, as I managed to chop the SnG and had to head home at the point, ensuring that I didn't give back any winnings at the cash game. Damaged my reputation slightly as April is convinced I'm a donkey (the flop call was a donkey call on my part, but the turn bet was cheap enough for me to call with the flush draw) and Scott will forever come over the top of my piddling non-committal steal attempts.

Didn't have much time for the online playing of the poker, although I did get a few more hands in at Hollywood. I was going to run some satellites but got distracted by building a new (bigger) foundry for the melting of metal. The first one I built works well enough but it's a bit small and is fueled by charcoal, which works well enough for melting small amounts of aluminum but is harder to do bronze work in, as far as getting it up to temperature. The new one is much bigger, so I can fit a larger crucible in there, melt more metal (including bronze), and it's powered by propane, which removes the hassle of messing with charcoal.

I did watch a bunch of High Stakes Poker episodes last night, almost catching up on all the episodes aired so far. Echoing what every blogger and their monkey has said so far, that show is good stuff. It's just really interesting to watch, as far as the difference between the world class players sitting there and the notch or two below world class players.

Scrambling around to get assorted freelance work done, as well as house stuff, before jetting out to Vegas on Wednesday. Og wait, that's right, I'll be in Vegas in a few short days. Hell yeah.

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