Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gangsta Lean, Gangsta Lean, You Done Killed Them All

I'm reaching the point where I'm almost scared to blog about the roll I'm on, for fear of calling down the wrath of the gambling gods that do not like wins to be spoken of. But yeah, all that. Pretty much have been absolutely murdering all things degenerate on the poker, casino, and sportsbetting fronts. Keep it coming, Gamblor, keep it coming. Daddy needs to buy a house.

Speaking of which, we made an offer on the house, they countered, we accepted, and are shooting to close on July 14th. The only potential monkey wrench is just how extensive the foundation repairs are going to be, but all signs point to not very, so hopefully things will go off without a hitch. Still hasn't quite sunken in yet, but we won't be moving for a few months in any case so I guess there's plenty of time to get used to the idea.

It's definitely no one but the US' fault for putting themselves in a spot where piss poor officiating can spell their doom, but man, that was some piss poor officiating in the US-Italy game today. Pope was asking to get tossed by tackling the dude from behind but throwing Mastroeni out was just terrible.

I didn't win the trip to Stockholm in the affiliate contest, but I did finish 6th, which was worth $300 and a branded iPod. Which is pretty sweet, given that I, cough, still don't have an iPod. Those are all the details I have, as far as what model it is, so it'll be sort of fun opening the package, as I have no idea what to expect. Probably a shuffle, but one never knows.

Fantasy baseball team is now proudly sitting atop the blogger heap, recovering from a slow start. Thank you Mr. Soriano, for being the prima donna heathen that you are.


2BigStix said...

Dude, seriously, the ref got every call right in that game - It's the linesmen who don't have a clue. Check out the replays - Italy's goal disallowed for offside WASNT and neither were another 4 or 5 offsides. Italy played pretty crap in the second half and USA were impressive but barring the own goal, you never looked like scoring and even with the own goal the result shouldve been 2-1. PS Donovan was fantastic 4 u guys....

ScurvyDog said...


No argument from me as to the fact that the US was lucky to get a tie there. None at all. Very lucky. (But you're also leaving out the US goal that called back, which would have been counted good a decent percentage of the time, so it's not like all the breaks went the US' way.)

The officiating was terrible, though, from both the ref and linesmen. Sorry, it just was. Good refs/linesmans/umps are good because they let the play on the field or court decide it, and only interrupt the flow of the game when absolutely necessary. Poor refs/linesmen/umps interrupt play constantly, and, because of that interference sometimes dramatically affect the outcome of the game.

The US shouldn't have won and wasn't the better team but that doesn't change the fact that the officiating was piss poor.

2BigStix said...

Agreed, poor refs and more of the same since. It seems no linesman at a world cup that I can remember actually knows what the offside rule is!!! Now who should I cheer for Australia or Italy???What do you think of the Aussies? Im an Aussie born to Italian parents and have been forced to back the Italians as everyone at my work is constantly on the attack at me, but I will be happy either way - I think Italy has a chance but would be happy to see Aus go as far as poss...