Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No News is Goot News

I'm still in one of those nice holding patterns where I'm consistently grinding out nice, profitable sessions, playing ABC poker, plowing along. Still plugging away at the Hollywood bonus, where I'm about halfway done, and still propping for a new site, mainly playing 5/10 and 10/20, usually heads-up or three-handed.

The propping is interesting, as it's nearly all props playing at the moment, so you end up sitting with the same people a lot of the time. Most of the props aren't idiots so there's not a huge skill overlay, but it has been good practice as far as playing certain player types, and being more aware of mixing up my play a bit and not being so damn predictable.

I'm likely going to try to carve out some more poker time in upcoming weeks, just to get used to playing/concentrating for longer sessions in preparation for Event #4 at the WSOP. Most of my play of late is of the hour long session variety, so it'd likely do me some good to get some longer sessions in, so that my brain hurts less when it comes time to buckle down and play many hours (hopefully) of tournament limit poker.

Contemplating playing in both Stars and Full Tilts mega satellites for the Main Event that are in mid July. I'm not sure why, as I'm soon to be the worlds busiest monkey in the next few months if our offer on the house in Lockhart is accepted and we close, and it wouldn't exactly be the best of timing to qualify for and play in the Main Event amidst all that, but it'd be a damn nice quandry to have.

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