Friday, September 24, 2004

Friday Friday

Currently having my ass handed to me in PL Omaha. Such is life.

Re-reading SSH and WLLHE. It's time well spent, in many ways, if for no other reason than to confirm that I'm not that far away from where I want to be. My biggest hole right now (other than not being aggressive enough pre-flop with raises) is not raising enough early with a probable second best hand at the moment in order to eliminate opponents, thus improving overall odds to take down the pot. For whatever reason my monkey brain has a hard time getting itself around that concept. I understand the maths but it just doesn't make intuitive sense to me.

So last week I went 9-7 on my NFL picks, and 3-1 in the money games. For the season, that puts me at 19-13 and 7-1 in the games I actually wagered on. Not too shabby. Here be the picks for this week, money games first.

Detroit Lions +3.5 Philadelphia Eagles

I have no clue what's up with this. Yes, Detroit is 2-0, yes, they tend to play better at home, yes, they're better than in recent years. But in response to all that I can only say: EAGLES EAGLES EAGLES!

Washington Redskins -2.5 Dallas Cowboys

Have you actually watched the Redskins play? I like Joe Gibbs a lot but the Skins just aren't a very good football team right now. They might be, later in the year, but I think the Cowboys handle them pretty easily with the Tuna getting them fired up for a Monday night football appearance.

Minnesota Vikings -9.5 Chicago Bears

I usually shy away from ginormous spreads but I think the Vikings will beat the crap out of the Bears. Bears secondary has been decimated, Vikings are pissed from their godawful showing last week, and so on and so forth.

Tennessee Titans -6.5 Jacksonville Jaguars

People, come on. Repeat after me. The Titans are not a good football team. They're decent, and their defense will keep them in every game, but they're not a good team. And why are the Jags getting no respect in games like this? Granted, they're offensively challenged in a huge way, but 6.5 points is insane.

Cincinnati Bengals +3.5 Baltimore Ravens
New York Giants -3.5 Cleveland Browns
Atlanta Falcons -10.5 Arizona Cardinals
St. Louis Rams -7.5 New Orleans Saints
Kansas City Chiefs -8.5 Houston Texans
Miami Dolphins -1.5 Pittsburgh Steelers
Denver Broncos -10.5 San Diego Chargers
Seattle Seahawks -10.5 San Francisco 49ers
Indianapolis Colts -5.5 Green Bay Packers
Oakland Raiders -3.5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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