Sunday, September 12, 2004

Weekend Blah Blah Blah

I have to say that the world is definitely a better place with NFL games on Sunday afternoons again. I realize that is a petty, small-minded thought, but thank you, Jebus, for the football bounty you have provided.

It's been an ass-busting weekend so far, but in a good way. The major deck transformation project went off without a hitch, and a raised, ginormous deck with support posts sunk in concrete became a svelte, ground level deck with hidden supports. And the bastard is reasonably level, which boggles my mind. It took most of two long, sweaty days but it's done, except for staining it. Next step is to go pick up a ton (literally) of Arizona patio stone, some cut limestone, and a pallet of St. Augustine grass.

Nothing too exciting to relate from the world of poker. I worked off a couple of bonuses, made some good scores in $25 NL at Paradise, proceeded to give it back, plus some, playing PL Omaha. I swear, that game takes the largest cojones of any poker variant. I really need to limit the Omaha play to amounts I don't mind throwing away. I'd worked my Paradise account up to a decent amount (most of my bankroll sits in my Neteller account) but inflicted a mortal wound upon it dabbling in PL Omaha.

Still running well, overall. Especially at Pacific. I thought I'd completely cashed out there, but was reading the forums at and realized that I'd never even looked at the player points (or comp points, or whatever they call them) at Pacific that you can convert to cash. I ended up having like $3.10 in those, so I played microlimits until I get it up enough for a SnG. I came in second, and kept playing around with the tiny bankroll, until I had about $40. I doubled that up this morning at $1/2, when I got insanely lucky and hit two gutshot straights back to back on the turn. Then I just won three SnGs of various flavors in a row, and suddenly the Pafific account is at $270. Sweet.

Detroit Lions made me some good money today, as did the Chargers and Jaguars. Now the Vikings just need to come through for me and cover.

That's all I got. Time for beer and football induced coma.

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