Friday, September 17, 2004

Pickin' and Grinnin'

Week 1 of the NFL season was very good to me. I meant to post all my weekly picks, just to have a record of it, but got lazy and/or forgot. You'll have to trust me, but I went 11-5. I was 4-0, though, in games with actual real dinero on them.

I'm sure it'll jinx me (and bore the hell out of anyone sane enough to not be inetrested in football), but here are the week 2 picks, for the world to see. First four are the money games, then the rest for the sake of being complete.

1) Kansas City Chiefs -5.5 Carolina Panthers

Carolina got manhandled by Green Bay and it's just going to get worse with the Chiefs. Carolina is getting a little too much respect from the oddsmakers based on last year's performance, methinks.

2) Dallas Cowboys -4.5 Cleveland Browns

Granted, Cleveland looked pretty impressive, but Baltimore's offense could make a good high school team's defense look impressive. Vinny is a good lick away from eating banana pudding at the old folk's home but he can still throw the damn ball. Parcells gets them motivated and they win big over the Browns.

3) Jacksonville Jaguars +3.5 Denver Broncos

This is a trendy pick this week, and, honestly, I don't feel so good about it. I'm following the lemming herd for all the obvious reasons (Jacksonville's been on a roll dating back to last season, tough defense at home, Denver isn't really that good and only the Chief's lack of any defense at all made them look that good) but I don't feel so good about it. I'm just worried about Jacksonville being able to find enough offense.

4) Tennessee Titans -1.5 Indianapolis Colts

I just don't think Tennessee is very good this year. They'll grind out wins against the teams they should beat, but I can't see them taking down teams like the Colts, even at home.

New York Giants +3.5 Washington Redskins
Green Bay Packers -8.5 Chicago Bears
Baltimore Ravens -4.5 Pittsburgh Steelers
Atlanta Falcons -2.5 St. Louis Rams
New Orleans Saints -7.5 San Francisco 49ers
Detroit Lions -3.5 Houston Texans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2.5 Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals +7.5 New England Patriots
Oakland Raiders -3.5 Buffalo Bills
San Diego Chargers +3.5 New York Jets
Cincinnati Bengals -4.5 Miami Dolphins
Philadelphia Eagles -3.5 Minnesota Vikings

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