Tuesday, September 07, 2004

WPT Foxwoods

Just qualified for the WPT Foxwoods tourney on Paradise tonight via a satellite. I'm almost embarassed, given the way I got in. Well, no, I am embarassed.

Early on I raked in a huge pot going all-in with TPTK on the flop (board was K 3 7 rainbow, I had a pair of Ks, with A kicker) and got called by a guy with K 3. Doh. Except a 7 hit on the river, so I finally benefited from one of the suckouts that always annoys me the most when it beats me down.

Two hands later I call a 2BB raise from LP with 66, flop comes K 6 8, all spades. Three people are in, checks to me, I push all-in (I know, but it's early and it's a re-buy tournament) and sure enough, sneaky guy UTG flips over A 4 spades. Turn comes 7, then another beautiful 8 on the river. Complete crap, but I'll take it.

Not much exciting after that. I raked in a decent pot with AA and basically limped the rest of the way. The best cards I saw for the last hour were 99, and someone moved all-in right in front of me before I could even think about betting.

Some poor guy at my table consistently kept getting punished, bad beat after bad beat. The thig is he re-bought 15 times, at $10 a throw. Finally someone mentioned to him that the buy-in to the actual WPT Foxwoods tournament was only $100 and he said yeah, but this way was more fun. He finally gave up and went out 40th or so, way out of the seats.

I guess we all have our own definition of fun.


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Heafy said...

More fun!?!?! Can't wait to hear a report from the tourny, well done.

Felicia :) said...

Very awesome! Good for you.