Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Interpoker = Bling Bling

At the risk of sounding like a shill, sweet Jebus the InterPoker games are juicy. Not only do they offer reasonably fat reload bonuses every month, but the general skill level is pretty mind-boggling low.

That said, there are some negatives. No NL ring games and the withdrawal system is a pain in the ass at first, as they have to snail mail you a pin number that you must have before you can withdraw. It takes about ten business days to get it in the mail, so don't deposit any money you'd be inclined to withdraw immediately. Their customer service is also reportedly spotty, if you have an issue to resolve, but I haven't had any problems at all.

On the positive side, the MTTs and SnGs are some of the fishiest I've ever seen. People pushing all-in a couple of hands in with K7o in early position. People calling all-ins with just A high and a scary board. Just truly bad play, all the way around. I've logged a decent number of hours there and can count the number of tricky plays I've seen on two hands, with a finger or two left over.

Other than InterPoker, I've been playing lately at Poker Plex (another Crypto skin like InterPoker) to clear their monthly bonus, plus some 2/4 at Pacific. Why Pacific won't let you multi-table is beyond me. It's simply got to be an issue with their craptacular client, despite their claims that it's due to their concern about people "gambling too much." Yeah, right. Thank Jebus the good people at Pacific are looking out for us.

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