Sunday, September 05, 2004

Just got back from a quick jaunt to Port Aransas with the wife-to-be. Yeah, I'm stubborn and refuse to employ usage of the word fiancee. That's on the top of my list of dumbest words ever. I mean, first off, it's all Frenchified. But even more troublesome is that I always forget which word refers to which person (fiance or fiancee). So I just steer clear of it entirely.

Port Aransas was interesting. I have to say that despite my initial misgivings about moving to Texas when I first moved here, I enjoy it more and more. Not to belabor the obvious, but it's such a freaking huge state, with such diverse territory, from coastal marshes to the wastelands of west Texas, and anything and everything in between. We went to an open house thing the Marine Science Institute (which is part of the UT system) held. Pretty cool, as they took you out in assorted research boats and let you play with assorted sea creatures and plant life.

For some odd reason I really like those semi-decrepit, way past their prime Texas coast towns. Galveston is probably my favorite, but there's something oddly pleasing to me about hanging out in marginal places like that, with huge old-school buildings and architecture, surrounded by the schlockiest little tourist traps and shacks imaginable.

Nothing exciting on the poker front. I've been bonus whoring it up good, hitting Party last week. I pissed away a bit of it playing some satellites for their cruise package tournaments, but I ended up +$200 when I cashed out yesterday after getting back from the mini-vacation. I basically played off the whole bonus on Friday (something like 700 raked hands), so that ain't bad. Pretty easy to play tight and multi-table .50/1 and just grind through the necessary number of raked hands. I popped the money back over to Paradise for their September reload bonus, then I'm off to Empire next. Boring, yes, but pretty profitable, especially since I've been grinding .50/1 lately anyway.

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