Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Texas Hold Em, Thou Art the Devil

Nothing too exciting to relate. I played a bit too much poker over the last three days, working off assorted bonuses as quickly as possible. I think when your eyes start bleeding it should be taken as a sign to give it a bit of a rest.

I'm a little conflicted lately, in regards to poker. I need to find a better middle ground, as far as the time it consumes. I seem to swing from extreme to extreme, playing too much or not at all. I need to find a good home game, methinks, as I always enjoy that much more than playing online. I enjoy playing online, true, but it only begets more time in front of a computer, which I do enough of, as is. I wish I lived near a B&M casino. Maybe someday.

The first round of bonus whoring was pretty profitable, leaving me up about +$250 over the weekend. I hit up Party, Empire, Paradise (reload bonus), and Intertops. I like playing knowing that a certain amount of profit is locked in, as long as I play break-even poker. I would have done better if I didn't insist on dabbling in Omaha Hi/Lo a bit too much. I like Omaha but I need to face up to the fact that I'm just not very good at it. I'm just not disciplined enough with the starting hands I play, wasting way, way too many antes on hands I should just muck. I still need to hit up Absolute for some bonus monies, then I'll probably settle back into one site for awhile. Not really sure where that'll be. I'm sort of fond of Paradise lately, so it'll likely be there. The games aren't that much tougher than at Party, plus I like the tournament offerings more, and there are much fewer asswipe monkeys that love to heckle and abuse people via chat.

Finally managed to break out of a mini tournament slump yesterday, placing 8th (out of 557) in a $5 MTT Paradise tournament and winning two $10 SnGs. It's nice to get a few breaks from the poker gods, having your hands hold up and catching some breaks here and there. Lately that hasn't been the case for me in tournaments so hopefully things are swinging back around.


doubleas said...

Are there recent reload bonuses for Party and Empire? What are the bonus codes?


ScurvyDog said...

Naah, they were all new player bonuses (except the Paradise one). I did the slightly sneaky thing and signed up a new account using my fiancee's info. Maybe not the most ethical thing but I figure Party has plenty o' money to burn these days.