Monday, August 08, 2005

Back in the Saddle

ScurvyWife and I had a nice little jaunt to Galveston this last weekend for a few days, consisting of doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. I tried to play a little poker, bootlegging a wireless signal from our hotel, but it was weak enough that I keep disconnecting, so no poker for me. Didn't even get any poker reading in, as I thought I grabbed Harrington Vol. 2 on the way out the door, only to realize much later it was stupid Vol. 1 that I grabbed. Doh.

Not a whole lot of import to relate (as if you couldn't already tell by now). Have a few ideas for posts rolling around in me nogging, so hopefully I'll have something a little more worthwhile to post in the very near future.


ChaseNFold said...

love the blog name.

thekid said...

what did you think of Dan Harrington volume 1, i read and enjoyed it but i hear volume 2 is all about no limit tournaments. There is a lot of information on book reviews, at