Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Beep Beep

Assumuing nothing goes horribly awry, we should be hooked up with RoadRunner at some point today, finally restoring blessed Internet to our domicile. I'd like to say that this little hiatus has restored my appreciation of nature, or of cooking, or of something useful, but mainly it's just been an annoying pain in the ass.

I'll probably make a mad dash through the monthly Crypto bonuses, or at least the juicier ones. I usually do those towards the end of the month, but hadn't done a single one when the Internet kneecapping occured. Sometimes I feel a little dumb, still grinding those out, but free money is free money.

Not sure what the poker plan is for September. Probably more of the same, but I may play some of the WCOOP events, and maybe some of the assorted satellites for trips to Aruba, etc.

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