Monday, August 01, 2005

Worky Worky

Have to say that I'm still immensely digging the new schedule, as far as telecommuting Fridays and Mondays.

Yesterday was a pretty silly poker day. Barely played, as I was busy finishing up tile work and doing other householdy chores. I think I finished the day up a grand total of $2, which is sort of hard to do, playing 15/30.

Not that I needed another distraction, but I started data mining on Prima last night. I signed up at PokerRewards last week to help Heafy out (more on this below), and have been killing the 5/10 games. Some pretty dang dreadful players, and more than a few appear to be regulars. Prima software leaves a little to be desired, especially the waiting lists (or the lack of opening/filling new games when waiting lists reach a certain point), but I may start playing there a bit more, after I build up a decent database of play there. They get more gambooler traffic from all the sister casino sites and 15/30 and 20/40 are usually the highest fixed limits that games get going at, on a consistent basis. A few sites on the Prima network are also very rake-friendly, which is a nice added bonus.

As mentioned, fellow poker blogger Heafy is getting hitched, and he's running a tournament on August 6th to help defray the ginormous costs entailed in getting hitched these days. So hop on over to his blog, click through the banners, and sign up at PokerRewards and help a bloke out, even if you can't make the tournament. It won't cost you a penny, you get a nice fat $200 bonus on the ever-fishy Prima network, and you'll help ease a load of financial stress on a fellow blogger's head.

Post coming soon recapping July results, as soon as I bang out some monkey work.

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