Sunday, August 14, 2005

State of the Poker Union: August 1-14

August Poker Results

Results for 15/30 (August 1-7): +$948.70
Results for 15/30 (August 8-14): +$224.00
Total August results for 15/30: +$1172.70
Results for $5/10 and lower for August: +$56.00
Results for MTTs and SnGs: $-175.00

Total August Poker Results: $1,053.70

Daily 15/30 results:

8/14/05 +$257.00
8/12/05 +$112.50
8/11/05 +$357.00
8/10/05: -$621.00
8/9/05: +$371.50
8/8/05: -$252.00
8/7/05: +$139.00
8/5/05: +$51.50
8/4/05: +$209.00
8/3/05: +$46.70
8/2/05: +$502.50

Didn't make much headway in the second week of August, as far as poker results. Finally managed to string a few positive days together at 15.30 at the end of the week but I bled too many chips away at 5/10 and playing $50 SnGs and a few rebuys at PokerStars.

The 5/10 was frustrating, as I felt like I kept finding great tables but just couldn't buy a hand at times. Literally. I need to get better about adjusting to very lemurish tables, especially with really passive leems that will call down to the river with third pair. I find myself continuing to fire away, though, when I play overcards aggressively but whiff on the flop. Aggressive play is obviusly good at shorthanded tables but I think you also have to be able to rein it in, if you keep mmissing flops and two or three players at the table are willing to constantly call to the river with middle or bottom pair.

I think I'm still too willing to book nice, decent profits at 15/30, cutting sessions short sometimes just to get a win in the books. I still tend to show on average much larger average losses, on the days I lose, than average wins, on the winning days. I think that's natural, as far as the tendency to keep playing and chase losses, but I need to be better about forcing myself to play a certain number of hands, regardless of whether I'm ahead or behind. I feel like I'm hamstringing myself a bit, as far as cutting good sessions short, since it's easier to play optimal poker when you're ahead and playing aggressively, and too often that's exactly when I shut it down, once I get substantially ahead for the day.

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WillWonka said...

"I still tend to show on average much larger average losses, on the days I lose, than average wins, on the winning days"

That is me exactly.. Why do we do that? Of course, we say that we don't want to be greedy. I had my first down week due primarily to two bad sessions coupled with 3 or 4 hit and run sessions to the positive.

I guess I have to say that discipline applies just as much to when you are winning. It's just too easy to quit after booking the big wins... so I think I'm with you in staying steady to pre-prescribed amount of time at the table. I am definitely going to try it for the rest of the month.. because as you know, it is one of the worst feelings... You have 4 or 5 good days all to be negated by one bad session.