Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You are Getting Very Sleeeeeeeeppppyyyy

Yes, I'm one of the rarer monkeys that enjoys limit poker more than NL. That said, the ESPN coverage last night proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that watching the final table of a limit event is about as exciting as watching paint dry. The only thing that kept me awake was the assorted, well-deserved barbs tossed in Dan Druff's direction. Yes, he won lots of money. Yes, his girlfriend/wife has ginormous taa-taas. Yes, he's a programmer. None of that gives him or anyone else the right to act like a snotty, maladjusted little twelve year old.

The thing that always cracks me up about the brats, asshats, and toolboxes of the world is that it's hard work, rolling the way they roll. The easiest thing in the world is to be quiet, polite, and respectful. All you have to do is sit there and be quiet, polite, and respectful. You have to work really hard to be an asshat, though, and all you accomplish in the end is convincing 75% of the people you meet that "Dude, that guy is a complete asshat."

Started reading Cormac Mccarthy's new book last night, which is good, but not great. I wish he'd revert to his old-school ways and get Blood Meridian and Suttree and Child of God on some readers' asses, instead of continuing to write good books with a decent amount of killin' and adventurin' that are tailor-made to be turned into movies. Can't blame anyone for cashing in, though, especially when you've put the time in that he has, writing brilliant freaking books that hardly anyone reads.


Mourn said...

Oh my god that dude was a dickhead. I wanted to listen to the reminders in my head that ESPN only exists to create artificial drama and villains where they don't exist. But everytime I tried he would do something like grab the chair cover and spin it around like a 12-year-old who just knocked over the milk bottles at the fair after trying 30 times.

And his exit interview, Christ, what a tool supreme. He won another limit event later on, so we're probably destined to see him again.

I'm going to hit the road post-rush hour tomorrow, which means I'll be rolling into Kinder around 2:00 probably. See you there.

Huge Junk said...

I agree totally.

What an assclown. At least the commentators were giving him some shit most of the time.