Friday, August 19, 2005

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Poker

Bah, who needs poker anyway. That wasn't so bad, as far as Day #1 of no Intraweb at home. Granted, I cheated a bit, and bought Rome: Total War to amuse myself with, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Plans are to tile the back patio over the weekend, assuming the poker gods don't intercede on my behalf and magically make the DSL spring back to life. I need to stop asking for gifts like tile saws when it's birthday time, as they only lead to neverending strings of projects.

Have to say I find the whole TO situation in Philly pretty damn amusing. Didn't see that one coming. Baltimore has to be laughing their asses off in relief that the original deal for them to sign TO fell through. Yeah, I know, he produced last year, yeah, I know, he'll produce this year, yeah the Eagles might very well win a Super Bowl because of him, but what a complete and utter cancerous jackass.

That's about all my boring ass has to offer. Take down lots of pots for me over the weekend, all of you lucky poker playing fools.

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Nick Christy said...

Fellow poker nut from baltimore here. Yes, we are laughing at the Eagles (more and more each day). The majority of us Baltimorians hate the Eagles and TO, and I mean hate with a passion. They rubbed it in our face last year about how good they were and about how they got TO, now we get the last laugh. He has tore their team apart. Here is a good article summing up how we feel:

btw, love your blog, keep it up!