Friday, September 02, 2005

Back in the Telecommuting Saddle

Definitely nice to be back on the telecommuting trolley. The last few days of work have achieved new levels of bizzare, surrealness. Yesterday we had two paid cowboys walking around in chaps and spurs, trying to strong-arm people into attending the Western-themed summer company party. I'm not sure what's worse, paying two random dudes to dress up like cowboys or the fact that as part of the party planning process you incorporate plans to attempt to strong-arm people into going to what ostensibly should be "fun", but never is, so no one goes.

Still on a nice little tear at the tables. Poker is a fickle, fickle mistress. Took down a ginormous +$1,000 pot yesterday with 24o from the BB, when seven people limped, I flopped a straight, and all sorts of raising hell broke loose on later streets.

I've played a couple of the $100 + $9 Aruba satellites on UB but haven't had much luck. I lasted all of five hands last night, when I had AJs, flopped top two pair, but lost to AKo when he rivered a K. Managed to recover a little bit of the cash playing 2/4 Triple Draw. Don't get me wrong, I'm very much a Triple Draw leem, but sweet Jebus, I'm not sure there's a game out there with a bigger advantage for skilled players, given how horribly most people playing, re-raising then drawing 3 (or even 4), etc.

For all you sportsbetters out there, I just added a new strategy guide over at BonusBug, oh so creatively titled:

  • How to Cash in on Sportsbetting Bonuses

  • Requires a little more starting capital than some bonuses, but it has the nice added value of basically being zero-risk, if you're a patient monkey.

    I've also added a sportbetting forum over there, so all you degenerate sportsbetting monkeys should hop over, post picks, or just mock me when I continue to show my complete inability to handicap college football.

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    ToddCommish said...

    I've edited my post and added your link. Good luck on getting 2nd place.