Friday, September 09, 2005


Just as a change of pace, I'm gonna rip off a page from assorted bloggers and do a liveish update of the WCOOP Limit HE Event #6 I'm playing in.

1:54 PM: Hmm. 1700+ entries so far, which means it'll take approximately 4.2 years to finish this tournament. Sweeeeetttttt... About 350K in the prize fund, though, which is pretty nice.

2:03 PM: Two players to my left are sitting out, which is nice. Stealey stealey. Don't know many other blogger screennames but PokerNerd and TobyToby are both in the house.

2:07 PM: Some people do not play limit poker well.

2:18 PM: Stupid cable modem keeps cutting out for thirty seconds bursts. That could be annoying later on, assuming I'm lucky enough to still be around at a later stage for such things to become an issue.

2:22 PM: I hate pocket 10s.

2:27 PM: I also hate pocket 7s and a 9 high board. Thankfully the resident lemur at the table is keeping me afloat, sitting at 2,540.

2:32 PM: Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be telecommuting right now, too. Snap...

2:39 PM: Lalalalalalalalalalalalala

2:44 PM:

2:50 PM: Still treading water at 2,630. Pretty weak table but I just can't catch any cards.

2:52 PM: I really, realy hate pocket 10s. Down to 2,300.

3:01 PM: 2,405 at the break. Yeah, I'm really lighting it up so far. TobyToby is sitting at 3,340. 7 lemurs busted in the first hour, with 1774 left. Jebus, this is going to take forever.

3:17 PM: Lalalalalalalalalalala

3:19 PM: Hiltons actually came through for me, but I wussed out on a capped pre-flop action and three diamonds on the board. Up to 3,000 or so.

Then of course the Hiltons turn bitchy on me two hands later. Always nice when the guy whining relentlessly about his bad beats cold-calls pre-flop with 67o and flops two pair.

3:27 PM: The lemurs, they are too strong for me! Down to 2,355.

3:38 PM: Why do people think it's cool to limp with AA in limit HE, at a full table? And why do they bitch and whine for twenty minutes later when inevitably a junk hand from the BB ends up cracking them?

3:40 PM: Wow. May be an early exit for my monkey arse. Flop a set, massive three-way action, guy hits his gutshot straight on the river to take it down. Down to 1,200.

3:55 PM: Still kicking. Sort of. Scuffling along at 1,187.

4:02 PM: Neeeeeeeedddd chiiiippppssss...preeeeccciouuuusssss chipppsssssss...

4:08 PM: Well, made it to the second break, but I'm pretty hamstrung, sitting at 1,337. Finally had to make a stand with KQo, which somehow held up. 1348 players left at the second break, out of 1781. I'm gonna need to catch some cards quick out of the gate if I'm going to make any noise at all. Sort of sucks that all the big hands have eluded me, as this table is pretty juicy, with a guy sitting on 7,000 chips that argued for ten minutes that a full house beats four of a kind.

4:26 PM: I can't recall Harrington addressing it specifically, but somehow I don't think it's good when your M is less than 1.

4:28 PM: And that's all she wrote. Pretty dang poor showing. Meh.


7472 said...
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JasonSpaceman said...

"I can't recall Harrington addressing it specifically, but somehow I don't think it's good when your M is less than 1."

Actually, he did address it: he calls it the Dead Zone. :-)

Limit tourneys are tough if you don't catch any cards. Slow, slow death.