Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Glad I Don't Work for Bill Parcells This Morning

If you somehow haven't heard, there's a blogger tournament kicking it tonight on Titan Poker.

What: WPBT No Limit Tournament
Where: Titan Poker
When: Tuesday, September 20th at 9:00 PM ET
Entry fee: $20 + $1
Password: thehamma

Not only do you get to take part in mucho pokery fun, but they also offer a $500 matching signup bonus and some of the fishiest players east and west of the mississippi.

Be there, or, you know, be orthogonal, or dodecahedronesque.

With the help of Dante (Stallworth, that is, not the Culpeppery one that keeps wandering around lost, mumbling "Have you seen my Randy?"), my fantasy football team is off a 2-0 start. I can't say I was too thrilled with my final roster after the draft, and they'll likely struggle to put up big time points any given week, but they're looking reasonably solid so far.

Yesterday was not a stellar poker day. I managed to get in quite a few hands earlier in the day, booking a slight loss, and for some reason decided to play more during the MNF games, despite the fact that I was pretty sick of sitting in front of a computer by that point. I'm still not sure why that's such a hard lesson for me to learn, as far as staying away from the tables when my mind isn't completely into it. So I managed to donk away a buy-in before I thought, Hmm, you know, I'm just not feeling it tonight.

At which point it seemed a good idea to play a little PL Omaha. So I hop over to Bodog and do that, hoping to take advantage of some of the crazy Bodog players that seem to pop up in prime sports time. Bought in for $400 at a 2/4 PL Omaha table, pretty much treaded water for twenty minutes or so, was up about $75 or so, when I ended up semi-reluctantly getting it all in with the second-best boat. Villain flipped over a piddling little straight, which I was obviously happy and relieved to see, except, umm, half the pot slid over his way. I sat there, completely confused, scratching my monkey head, until I realized that I'd been playing PLO8 this whole time.

Laser focus at the tables, indeed.


Donkeypuncher said...

I want a rematch...

In the blogger HORSE tourney, I was horrible at remember which game was being played. I also recently made the same O8 game selection error.

Drizztdj said...

O8 > PLO

And when you see people playing A234 that's usually a hint ;)

I love BoDog's games, very soft but I just need to resist the urge to dump money into the sportbook.

GaryC said...

Funny, I'm always the exact opposite. I like O8 better, but feel the need to log into the regular Omaha game and give away a pot or two before I realize that I'm not playing O8.

Laser focus, indeed. Been there and done that.