Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Help Wanted

I'm in the processing of getting a few new projects up and rolling and am hitting the inevitable wall where my limited monkey abilites slow things up considerably, as I flail my way through assorted new tricknologies and what-not. In an effort to speed things up, I'm crying uncle and deciding to do what normal people do in situations like that: pay other people to do it.

As far as potential payment, shoot me an email at webmaster@bonusbug.com and we can talk terms. The only caveat is that I'm reasonably Web-savvy and aware of the fact that I can get what I need done on the cheap side via trolling through craigslist or other freelance sites. That's not to say I won't fairly compensate you, as I most definitely will, just that we won't get anywhere if you're expecting to charge me $3,927 for what in actuality requires a few hours of work. I'm more than happy to pay via Neteller or poker site accounts, etc. I'd much rather pay a fellow blogger or reader, too, as opposed to some other random person.

Here's what needs doing:

  • Graphic design: I need some fairly simple logos/nav buttons/general website graphics done. Nothing very complicated and intensive or exacting and you'd have more than a little freedom to get jiggy. At the moment I only need work done for a general gambling portal site, but this could definitely lead to more work in the future.

  • Content aggregation: I'd like to be able to scrape content from assorted sportsbooks and pull lines into one central location, as far as comparing and contrasting them in real-time (or close to real time). The following is a good example of what I want to be able to do (except with more sportsbooks): SBR Lines. I'm primarily interested in NFL games, if that simplifies matters. This will largely be a tool for private usage, so gussying it up and making it look pretty isn't a concern. It's also not a concern if certain sites make it impossible to do this, based on their site structure; as long as it'll work with a fairly large number of sites (20+) it's cool if some individual sites aren't included.
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