Thursday, September 08, 2005

Taking Shots

Yesterday was not a good poker day, but I sort of had it coming, having gotten the nice end of variance for quite a few sessions. Just one of those frustrating days where your top two pair always runs into a straight, flushes always get the best of you, and the lemur with the VPIP of 79 keeps catching that gutshot straight.

Color my monkey ass very, very excited that football season is officially back in full force, with the NFL and NCAA tag-teaming the summer sports doldrums we'd been mired in. Other than March, this is always the time of year that I get jazzed up about teh sports, what with football goodness and MLB playoffs looming.

I'm posting my weekly NCAA and NFL picks over at BonusBug (and all you sportsbetting fools should do the same, as it's just WillWonka and myself right now, battling it out for the coveted title of World's Best/Worst Handicapper), but a few games jump out at me. Call it foolish Longhorn pride, but I think Texas (+1) is going to handle Ohio State pretty easily. I'm also a bit perplexed by the St. Louis Rams (-5.5) vs. SF line, as SF looks to be pretty damn pitiful this year, and I would have expected that line to be more in the -7 range. I would also normally load the boat with Indy (-3) vs. Baltimore, but that line has looked weird all week, as a couple of big online sportsbooks are encouraging people to pile in on Indy, which often means that a lot of early smart money has been dumped on Baltimore. I can't see it, myself, but the almighty bookies are usually right more often than not.

Definitely playing in the WCOOP Limit HE tournament tomorrow. I would have played a few other events this week, if not for the odd start time for those tournaments. I realize those things can run really long, but I have to think PokerStars dropped the ball on that one, as far as mid-afternoon start times that us working stiffs in the US can't make.


Meek said...

Buckeyes win, 28 to 23. The poker page of has been down the last couple of days, not the forum but the info page. Has that been fixed?

Threw $500 into Titan under DeadMeek. Hope you got the credit for it.

Drizztdj said...

Only -5.5 vs. the 49ers?

I think I have my pick this week.

Joe said...

I'm affraid I can't agree with you (or the bookies) about the Indy/Baltimore game this weekend, but me living in Baltimore could have a bit to do with that.

Just wanted to say great site and I'm adding you to my blogrolling list as I need all the help I can get on my poker game.

I'd recommend checking out my site, but it's quite possible that it will leave you dumberer than when you started, so be prepared.

Performify said...

I'll get my NFL picks over there shortly... Good stuff.