Sunday, September 25, 2005

I Didn't Even Have to Use my AK

Nothing too dramatic happened, but damn, I got much done this weekend, and watched a metric shit-ton of football. I still manage to occasionally forget that I telecommute on Mondays, too, which is a happy fun bonus when it gets to be Sunday night, and I realize suddenly that hey, I don't have to go to that stupid office place.

Managed to string together a nice few days at the poker tables, which is a welcome change. I guess it's the increased television coverage of the WSOP, but man, the tables are somehow getting even softer later. I've seen more wacky river bluffs (at limit) in the last few weeks than in the previous three months.

Nary a drop of rain here from ol' Rita. 'Nuff said.

For some reason, I got a wild hair and signed up for the crazy Stars $109 NL rebuy. A little bit below average after the first break but I managed to double up early, and never had to rebuy, so I'm only in for the original entry and the add-on. First place pays out a bit over $20,000. That'd, umm, be nice.

Only downside to the weekend so far is that The Commish is absolutely crushing my poor fantasy football team. Unless LaDainian blows it up for 200 yards and about 18 TDs, it's looking like I'm screwed.

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