Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Best. Website. Ever.

I swear to the wee baby Jebus and the phone books he sits on to see over the dashboard, I have found the best website ever:

The Power Punching Specialist

Be sure to watch all three video clips towards the bottom of the page.

Best. Website. Ever.


Mourn said...
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Mourn said...

I don't know man, I think the prose is better than the videos. You just can't beat 300 word sentences with 50 commas and severe grammatical issues.

I was going to quote him, but you have to check out what happens if you try to cut and paste from his site.

You're right, best website ever.

And of course I pop on someone for grammar and then screw up my own comment. Oy.

BSN said...


No really... ROFLMAO!

I do not use that acronym lightly.

Yes, if the monster run-on sentences and the kids fighting (and in front of the 'stars-n-bars' just MAKES this video) and exploding watermelons weren't enough...

...well, just do like Mourn says and try to copy the text!


Donkeypuncher said...

Just brilliant.

Beck said...

So wrong in so many ways.

Drizztdj said...

Anyone for melon balls?