Monday, November 07, 2005

Make the Ringing and the Hurting Stop

After three days of pretty constant hammering and pounding and assorted stuffs, I have a reasonably cool looking copper bowl.

It looks a little cooler live, as you can see more iridiescent colors and what-not in the patina, but that's pretty much it, from the top and bottom.

But sweet Jebus, that was a hell of a lot of work. Definitely falls into the category of things I'm glad I did (and now know how to sort of do) but not necessarily things I'll continue to do in the future. It's pretty amazing the sheer amount of labor that goes into shaping, forming, and copper and other metals by hand.

Seeing as I was in class pretty much the entire weekend, no real poker news to report. Scott filled in admirably for me in the Caribbean Sun freeroll, but even he coudldn't overcome my recent bad run in MTTs, exiting when QQ was taking down by some luckbox with a pair of 3s. That's how well I'm running in tournaments lately, dragging people down with me by proxy now.

Volume of poker play has been down dramatically of late, and, surprisingly, I'm pretty okay with that. I've been hitting the sportsbooks bonuses hard of late, so it's not like I'm volunteering at a soup kitchen and not involved in degenerate pursuits at all. I've also sort of been twiddling my thumbs to see how everything at Party played out after the whole Skin brouhaha settled down, and probably will be back to the grind there shortly.

I'm also making some decent headway into finally motivating and getting some ideas and schemings up and running. Which is pretty damn encouraging, as that's been plaguing me for quite awhile. Extra income from poker is nice, but it's also a bit of a handicap at times, due to how much time the grind sucks up. An integral part of the escape plan from the day job has always included building up all these other wee streams of income that I have, so it defintiely feels good to start to get more serious about that and finally see some headway.


TenMile said...

I like that. Nice form and the work looks great.

Grinder said...

Congrats - big news - this blog is mention in the top 15,000 at Topix.

way to go - guess I'll have to link!