Wednesday, November 02, 2005

You Unobligated Bastards

So it appears we're officially reaching that time where I can start openly hating on all of you lucky poker blogger bastards going to Vegas in December, as the frequency of posts about such trips increase. We managed to duck visiting the lovely state of Tennessee last year for Christmas, but only by mortgaging the future and promising to visit this year. Granted, I was barely present in June when I actually did make the trip, but that's beside the point. Don't try to be dulling my blind, jealous rage, Captain Bringdown.

I would point out that a certain player featured in last night's WSOP coverage who goes on to win a cool $400,000 is a pretty shockingly bad player but shooting fish in a barrel really isn't that much fun.

Fantasy football team is cruising at 7-1, which would be 8-0 if Michael Vick hasn't thrown 182 interceptions the one time I started him.

I cannot express my level of boredom at this exact moment in time.


MVilla888 said...

I hear you on theb oredome...just finished alphabetizing my blogger links while sitting at work...and still have 3 hours to go...sigh.




sorry....had to....Pauly made me do it.

cc said...

You need to find a way to Vegas, baby!! I'll be at the Bellagio, targeting the Five Diamonds (tons of ring games). And let me know where in Tennessee--you never know when a poker game might break out...

DuggleBogey said...

Which one? There were a couple that went on to win WAY too much money.

Chris Halverson said...

Yes, I have started the hating. Eff 'em all, that's all I've got to say. I too have Xmas w/ out of state relatives including my grandma who I see maybe, MAYBE, twice a year.

So let the hating begin.

Mourn said...

I'll join the hate club. No Vegas for me. AGAIN.

I'll also join hating on donkeys who win 6 figures at the WSOP. The Williamson/Sheikhan thing was pretty fucking funny though. I mean yeah, it was irritating that she took an entire level to decide to fold KJ pre-flop, but dude insta-calling the clock on her the next time she went up against Raymer was pretty bush.

I just hope if I ever get that far I get AA three times within the space of an hour like Hachem. Skill is nice and everything, but you can't beat that kind of luck.

Wwonka said...

I hate them all too.
since I am not going to Vegas either.

willamson took way too long to make
the laydown.

but better to be lucky than good.


Drizztdj said...

I'll be competing with -EV in the "who can buy out all the $1 chips contest" at the Castle.

Should be good fun playing 1-3 limit with $1,500 in white chips sitting in front of you.

mcembe said...

"Would have been 8-0?"

No excuses for getting kicked in the junk. Don't be taking my due from me, or I'll have to throttle you worse the next time we meet.

And Xmas with the's in the marriage job description.

Performify said...

yeah, you're definately kicking all sorts of junk in the fantasy league. Embarassed me with my biggest loss of the year, 132-76 in week five, which is only slightly less of a junk kicking than the 123-51 you dropped on the Nuc Plants the week before that.

I'm going to make a second haf run - so watch out for week 14. Luckily you probably won't need that win as you'll already have the playoffs locked up and all...