Monday, November 21, 2005

Hey Look, a Post that isn't 123,172 Words Long

Pretty nice weekend, in ways both degenerate and non-degenerate. I managed to finally motivate and get the damn garage cleaned out, so I could buy some tools and assorted supplies to try to bang out (literally) some copper stuff as Christmas gifts for assorted family members and what-not. Rounded up most of the tools and supplies, except for, umm, the copper, which I should hopefully run get today.

Things are rolling pretty well in the poker world. I've been splitting time between 15/30 and 20/40, and running pretty well. I discovered that one of the sportsbooks I have a ridiculous amount of money in (waiting to clear the WR on a sportsbook bonus) has a poker room, too, which is automatically linked to your other accounts with them. It's on the Tribeca network, which has decent traffic, but most of the mid/high limits are short-handed. So I spent a few hours playing 20/40 shorthanded last night, which is just about the worst idea in the world, given the fact that I stink up the joint short-handed, but I was lucky enough to get slapped silly by the deck, plus for a good stretch of that time I had two monstrously aggressive guys/gals from Turkey sitting at the table, which often adds velocity to upward/downward swings.

Still coming up empty in MTTs. I feel like I'm playing decently but just not finishing up with anything to show for it. I need to be more aggressive with complete and utter steals in position late in tournaments. I know this, for a fact, yet can't make myself pull the trigger, waiting for a hand that falls more into the semi-bluff range than a complete steal. I'm probably going to resort to somewhat artificial measures, as far as attempting to steal whenever I look down and see that the clock on my computer monitor has a 7 in the minutes field, or something similar.

ScurvyWife and I saw the new Harry Potter movie on Friday (quit your giggling) which was pretty good, all in all. I'm not the hugest Potter-head in general, but it was entertaining enough, despite being a little long. Apparently many hardcore fans are upset by numerous things in the book being left out, but hey, it's a movie, not a book.

One of the unfortunate side effects of hitting up assorted sportsbook bonuses lately is that some are bad about selling email addresses, so suddenly I'm getting all sorts of quasi-spam from sportsbetting services that sell subscriptions to their picks. And I mostly ignore these, but I do find them humorous, as apparently all of these guys are consistently 8-1, 7-2, 9-0 on their picks, week after week after week, yet they somehow need to hawk their picks via spam for $29.95 every week? Seems to my feeble monkey brain that you'd be absolutely rolling in dough, stubbing your toe on diamonds and platinum bars scattered about your floor, if you could even successfully pick 60% of the games you wagered on. Apparently not.

FFL team got walloped by Donkeypuncher this weekend. I still refuse to believe the Bears are that good, but it's getting harder every week. They smack each other in the head with 5 pound weights at the FBI's firing range and still come out and thump Carolina, arguably the hottest team in the NFC. Wackiness.

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Donkeypuncher said...

About time your team freakin' lost!

Just wanted to talk some smack from Italy.

Expect more next week after I tie you for first place!