Friday, November 04, 2005

Them's Quad Aces, Beeeyaaatch

I still seem to be stuck in a mini poker rut that I can't quite shake. Decided to play a few MTTs yesterday, just for a change of place. In order:

$50+$5 NL MTT: Out after 1 hand when AA was taken down by KQh. All the money got in pre-flop, with villain calling my all-in re-raise.

$50+$5 NL 2-table SnG: Out after 1 hand. I limped with 88 and called a raise from the button for $40 more. Flop was 8 6 5, rainbow. I check, button shoves all-in. I call as quickly as I can hit the button, only to watch him roll over 47o. The board doesn't pair and IGHN.

1000FPP Satellite to a PCA qualifier: Out after four hands. AA loses to JJ. All the money went in pre-flop.

Poker rocks.

Plus I discovered that a copper-smithing workshop my wife and I signed up is actually this weekend, instead of next weekend, so I'm going to have to find a surrogate stand-in for the Caribbean Sun $200K Freeroll this Sunday that I blew $500 or so qualifying for. Sweet...

On the bright side, I did just hit pat quad aces on Double Bonus video poker, for a nice little score of just under £700. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, poker.

TotalBet and UKBetting are running some pretty sweet promotions this month, for those of you who don't mind dabbling in +EV casino bonus land. Both of are running their normal £25 monthly bonus, where the £25 bonus is added immediately to your account after you wager a total of £500.

From Nov. 3 - Nov. 9, though, they're running an additional video poker bonus, that clears at the same time as the monthly bonus. Before you start wagering, enter bonus code NOVVP in the cashier section, and you'll get a £50 additional bonus when you wager £700 or more at video poker. (Their Double Bonus video poker has the best payout structure, close to 100%.)

What's nice is both bonuses clear at the same time, so £700 of wagering at video poker gets you a £75 bonus, for the video poker bonus and monthly bonus. They're also running promotions all month and two more (Casino Solitaire and Caribbean Stud Poker) look to be +EV. Plus you can also hope over to the poker room for their £25 monthly bonus, which is always easy to clear.

For more information on these and other monthly Crypto bonuses, hop over to this handy guide I banged together. None of them are huge bonuses but they do add up over time, especially if you hit them every month.

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