Monday, November 21, 2005

Whinge and Moan and Ye Shall Receive

Well, kiss my grits...

Congratulations, you finished 2nd in the $20 + $1 NL MTT Speed Tournament. $967.85 has been awarded to your account.

I've also spent the last hour playing Badugi at BetOnSports Poker. It's on the Tribeca network, and the site with the best signup bonus open to US players is at Doyle's Room, if you you're looking to get a Badugi fix. It's like Razz on steroids. Or crack. Or steroid crack.

Obvious down side to Tribeca sites is that there's no support for either PokerTracker or PokerAce HUD. Obvious upside is that, sweet Jebus, are there ever some fishy players on that network, as almost all of the poker rooms (except for Doyle's Room)are dependent on casino/sportsbook offerings to bring in poker players. They also run some decent guaranteed tourneys during the day which often have a bit of an overlay.

Plus, you know, Badugi. Badugi badugi badugi...

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