Friday, August 18, 2006

Approximately the Temperature of the Sun

So after securing permission from the significant other, I think I am going to take a shot at the Full Tilt $200 + $16 6 max event tonight. I wasn't planning on it but the Titan ATM went absolutely bonkers today, and I'm up about +$3,000 on the day, so, umm, sure, let's take a shot and ride the heater.

Finished the last coat of sealer on the hardwood floors and, if I do say so myself, it looks pretty damn good. It sounds kind of backwards, but I'm actually digging the fact that the new house entails some pretty hefty renovation projects. I can be a lazy monkey in many ways but I enjoy work like that (especially emerging from the other side when it's all done), and our current house was pretty project-free and good to go, except for a lot of the landscaping work I did. Plus it's an excuse to buy even more tools, like a Porter Cable finisher nailer/brad nailer/air compressor combo kit, and a compound mitre saw. Yay, tools...

In other news, it's been like 105 degrees here the last few days. What the bajebus is that all about? Just ye olde weather gods trying to point out the idiocy of Central Texans trying to keep St. Augustine grass healthy alive in our yards? That's especially nice of you, te olde weather gods, considering that it also hasn't rained in like 182,198 days, either.

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Gene said...

On Wednesday I'm selling my house, which has very nice hardwood floors. One of the house's biggest selling points, in fact. And I must say that I would rather have my testicles run through a pasta machine than refinish them. Now, that may just be me letting go of the old place, a bit of bravado. But still. Testicles. Pasta machine. You, sir, are a sick puppy.